Seung and Sunmarie

My fiance and I have had a very positive experience with the SymptoPro classes taught by Jill Cherrey. My fiance and I have been engaged nearly 3 years now, and we will be getting married this June 16th, we had talked about our plans for the future. Both of us liked the idea of having children around 2 years after our marriage, but both of us did not like the idea of using hormonal both control or contraceptives.

Speaking to my father he let me know about a method he and my mom used, called the Rhythm Method. I did some research online and found that it was an outdated method and proceeded to find new methods like cycle beads, and some very confusing methods using charts that I couldn't really make complete sense of. It was then that I searched for classes so that we could both have a more personal experience and an in depth knowledge of NFP.

I contacted many such classes, but only a few responded. I chose Jill's class because she responded with enthusiasm and warmth, something that I later found to be inherent in everything she does. Jill was able to make a very comfortable, pleasant atmosphere for us in her home. She taught us with only two other couples which made the experience seem very personal. My Fiance and I attended the first class, and we both came away from it, absolutely thrilled; Especially my Fiance, who was delighted to learn the answers to many things about her own body that had been troubling her for most of her life. I found the classes to be very instructive but also engaging, and I absolutely loved how Jill's husband would sit in on many of the classes and chime in here and there, and help Jill out if she started to draw a blank. Mr. Cherrey would also always be ready to serve us hot tea and provided to the very pleasant atmosphere of their home.

Not being of the Catholic Faith, I very much appreciated the welcoming feeling Jill always gave us throughout all our interactions with her. She always was willing to stay late after the class and talk one on one with us, so we could ask more personal questions. We took the classes in January and February, and ever since Jill has graciously met with us once a month to discuss our progress. We have been charting for 4 months now, and feel confident in our use of NFP throughout our future. I have already recommended NFP to a couple of my very close Friends. I'm really grateful to have stumbled upon NFP, it is exactly what we both wanted. And I know it will be challenging at times, but I also see the tremendous benefits of those challenges. My Fiance and I couldn't be happier with classes or with Jill and we are both very much looking forward to putting some X's on our charts. :)