Symptopro Charting App FAQ

SymptoPro Desktop Application – Retirement FAQ

Below are some of the common questions we have received regarding the retirement of support for the SymptoPro Desktop Application

nwfs chartingWhen will the app “retire” and what does that mean?

As of April of 2022, the SymptoPro Desktop app is longer be “supported” by our developers. This was a significant annual cost to our program and after much investigation, we feel that with future needed upgrades, continued maintenance, and fewer and fewer clients choosing to chart using the desktop application vs mobile apps, that it was best to use those funds for development in other areas of need.

If, after April 1, 2022, the app “breaks” due to any number of factors, it will not be repaired and will be taken down permanently. If the app continues to function throughout the rest of 2022, it will still be officially retired and removed from the online course system on or around 01/01/2023.

Can new clients still use the desktop application?

The ability for clients taking an in-person course to purchase the desktop application was removed towards the end of 2021, once the decision to retire the app was made. Clients who are taking, or have taken, the online course, and those in-person clients who previously purchased the desktop application, will maintain access to the app until the end of the year if it doesn’t break before then.

We highly recommend that new clients do NOT begin charting with the desktop application even if access remains. We will be removing reference to it and do have a warning notification within the application itself that expresses this recommendation. Clients who have been using the application previously are recommended to save copies of any charts they would like on file, and work to transition to another method of charting with their instructor or for personal use.

How can someone who has used the desktop application download their past charts?

Unfortunately, we are unable to add a streamlined “export” function. The best way for charts to be saved is to either use the print function from your browser (print or “save as PDF”) or use a screen shot application to save your chart as an image.

What are the best options for future charting?

As always, we have our paper chart located here:

For online charting we recommend the Read Your Body app