Learn to Use SymptoPro

SymptoPro Fertility Education teaches the Sympto-Thermal method of family planning and has been providing quality, personalized, instruction for over 35 years. Our classes are informative, personal, and discreet. More and more couples are discovering the benefits of charting their fertility, and in response, we offer two ways to take our course. 

We offer two ways to learn SymptoPro:


AdobeStock 159472073If you are unable to attend an in-person class, our online series is second to none! Modeled after our in-person class, the course consists of three self-paced sessions taken two weeks apart. You can begin at any time and complete the series within 4 months, though a typical time frame is 4-12 weeks. Communication with your assigned instructor is integrated throughout the course and occurs mostly via email, though phone calls can be made upon request. On-going chart reviews continue for the first 4-6 cycles. The benefits to this approach include complete privacy and confidentiality, flexibility of scheduling, and a detailed and thorough correspondence with your instructor. Cost is $130 plus materials. Required materials include a digital thermometer as well as a copy of our textbook, A Couple's Guide to Fertlility. This textbook is available in both e-book ($7.50) as well as paper book ($25 includes shipping) format with links to purchase found on the registration pageIf registering through a different location, cost may vary. Registration directly through Sympto headquarters can be done here

In person

AdobeStock 60154472This method of fertility education is highly recommended. Each class series consists of three two-hour sessions that meet over the course of one month with personalized follow-up. A fourth private follow up is also scheduled one month after the final session, followed by on-going chart review for the first 4-6 cycles. The benefits to this approach include face-to-face instruction, an easily facilitated relationship with your SymptoPro Instructor, and the opportunity to ask questions both of your Instructor and of the other couples in your class. You will not be asked to share personal information with class participants. To find and contact an in-person instructor near you, search the Find an Instructor page. Course and follow-up cost varies based on location and instructor.*

Next In-Person Class for Local Clients (Portland, OR):

The below course is the next in-person offering at our headquarters in Portland, OR.  If you are looking for in-person instruction and do not live in Portland or the surrounding area, please see our "Find an Instructor" page to contact an instructor near you.

 NEXT Series for Portland, Oregon: TBA
Date: TBA
Location: Northwest Family Services
Price: $110.00

More information about learning and using NFP can be found in the FAQs section.

*If learning via a SymptoPro headquarters staff instructor, consultation sessions beyond completion of the main course, can be purchased for a modest fee. If learning via a non-staff, certified SymptoPro Instructor, please consult with your instructor personally about their support consultation rates.