SymptoPro Fertility Education: For Continuing Education Credit

Online - Self-paced - Instructor Guided - $120


 This continuing education course is approved for 5 hours of General CE
by the OBNM (Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine)

Not licensed through the OBNM?  Many states honor CE credits based on reciprocity!
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About Us

Instructor Teaching

SymptoPro™ Fertility Education has been providing quality, effective, personalized fertility charting instruction for over 35 years. We firmly believe that every woman and every couple has the right to understand the way their bodies work and what a woman’s healthy cycle looks like. No matter the reason for learning, our staff of experienced instructors are ready to walk with their clients, providing personal support, instruction, and expert recommendations through every phase of reproductive life. We are excited to offer this continuing education course and welcome you to learn more about our method and how the natural occuring signs of fertility can be used as an effective way of planning one's family and identifying hormonal health concerns

About Our Online Continuing Education Course

This continuing education (CE) course will take you through a study of the SymptoPro Fertility Education client course and is approved for 5 hours of General CE by the OBNM (Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine).

  • Colleen Fuller, N.D., will be your personal instructor guiding you through three comprehensive learning sessions and all related assignments. This course is self paced and instructor interaction will occur via email unless otherwise requested. Continuing education students will not be required to complete the personal charting or reading assignments given in the client course, but if personal use of the information learned is desired, adding in personal charting and chart reviews with your instructor is highly recommended.

A Certificate of Completion will be available for download upon course completion along with an Outline of the Course Content for those who may need it when submitting their CE credits.


This CE course will take approximately 5 hours to complete which will be done in a self-paced manner.  Once registered, you have 4 months to take the course and may start at any time. 


Cost is $120.  All materials needed to complete the CE course will be found within the online classroom and are included in that price.  Information on optional materials avaiable for purchase are as follows...

Optional Course Materials

If you intend to use the information provided in this course for family planning purposes or if you would like to review the materials received by clients, the following should be purchased if you don't already own them. These links will also be available on your course homepage. 

  • The SymptoPro Course Textbook: "A Couple's Guide to Fertility"
  • E-Book: $7.50 via
  • Paper Book: $20 (plus shipping)
  • A Basal Body Temperature (BBT) Thermometer: Finding your waking temperature is a primary fertility sign we will track with the SymptoPro method to learn about and visualize your cycle. As long as it's a digital, oral thermometer (not temporal or ear) - you can likely use it with this method. The best results will come from thermometers labeled as "BBT". You will find more information on choosing a thermometer on your course homepage.  


Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with any questions you may have.