Charting Online

RYB phone imageIs there a smartphone app that you would recommend for charting?

We are delighted to partner with The Body Literacy Collective, a UK non-profit established in 2017, to bring you custom online charting through their Read Your Body app. 

RYBThe Read Your Body app now has a custom SymptoPro tempate that will automatically adjust your settings to match SymptoPro terminology and layout!  By late 2023 it is expected that this option will be integrated into the RYB app itself, but in the meantime you can click HERE to follow our simple set-up instructions. 

Current cost for the RYB app is $1.99/month or $14.99/year.  If you are a current or former SymptoPro client, you are eligible for a free 3 month trial of the Read Your Body App.  Please click HERE to learn more.