1. What is SymptoPro Fertility Education

What is SymptoPro Fertility Education?

SymptoProTM is an effective, scientifically based method of family planning that treats fertility as a normal, healthy process. It is based upon observations of changes in the woman’s body that reliably reflect her fertility or infertility. The couple using SymptoPro interprets this information and then either has intercourse during the fertile time or abstains during the fertile time, depending upon their family planning intention.

What does the Sympto-Thermal method entail?

Sympto-Thermal methods combine the mucus pattern (the "sympto" part) and the temperature ("thermal") to crosscheck the changes in fertility for a very effective method. The mucus pattern is observed by noticing changes in the woman's mucus, her vaginal sensations, and (optionally) the cervix itself. The temperature pattern is observed by taking the woman's daily resting temperature. For a more detailed description of what that means on a daily basis, see SymptoPro Observations: Cervical Mucus and Temperature. The benefits of being able to crosscheck the mucus pattern and the temperature pattern are numerous, but they especially come in handy when one of these observations is disturbed, as in the case of a yeast infection in the mucus pattern, or a fever with the temperature. Since there are several signs being observed, the couple can "fall back" on the undisturbed sign, with the help of their SymptoPro instructor.

Are there different methods of charting one's fertility?

Yes. Different methods have been developed. Some systems utilize just the cervical mucus observation. Others include an awareness of vaginal sensations. The Sympto-Thermal Method incorporates all of them, allowing the couple to learn what particular signs are strengths for them.

How is SymptoPro different than "Rhythm?"

SymptoPro is NOT Calendar Rhythm, which was a guesstimate. Modern methods, like SymptoPro, are based on daily observations so any variation (earlier signs of fertility or delay in fertility) may be taken into account. It can be used after childbirth and discontinuing hormonal contraceptives and during premenopause. For more information about using SymptoPro in special circumstances, go here.

Are there any fertility devices or tests that can be used when charting my fertility?

There are a number of devices and hormonal tests that are marketed with FDA approval for identifying the fertile time of the cycle. To date, none of them have been FDA approved to help avoid pregnancy. Such approval expects a high standard of technological effectiveness to identifying fertility and infertility. Right now, learning a method through classes is the most effective way to practice a Fertility Awareness Based Method. Some women find the devices and tests reinforce what they have learned in classes.