Downloadable Chart

SymptoPro users are welcome to download and print off our paper charts for home use if they are unable or do not wish to use online charting. If you are a SymptoPro Instructor and you need bulk quantities of our blank charts please contact us: 503-546-6377.



Is there a smartphone app that you would recommend?

app2chartNOTE: This recomendation is subject to approval by your personal instructor.  Not all SymptoPro Instructors will be comfortable using non-SymptoPro created charts or charting apps. This will be left to their discretion. 

We have a number of clients who have had great success charting via the Kindara app.  The customized options allow for charting SymptoPro on the Kindara app with relative ease. In addition the Kindara team offers the Wink, a bluetooth basal body thermometer that can sync with your online Kindara chart via a bluetooth connection. Download this document for more information on how to chart SymptoPro within the Kindara app. 

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