General Dietary Guidelines for PCOS

There’s been a noticeable shift in women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and the numbers seem to be increasing. Women also seem to be getting diagnosed with it younger and younger.

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Self-care Tips for Continually Dry Cycles

From our quarterly Live and Love Naturally newsletter, NFP Instructor, Colleen Fuller talks about Self-Care Tips for Dry Cycles.

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Practicing Natural Family Planning and Breastfeeding

From our quarterly Live and Love Naturally newsletter, NFP Instructor, Jessica Schaefer talks about her experiences as a breastfeeding practitioner of NFP.

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Guest Post: 10 Reasons for Using NFP

Today we're featuring an article written by SymptoPro Instructor Caroline Sholl. Originally published from her blog, she offers 10 great reasons why she uses NFP.

My husband and I have used Natural Family Planning (NFP) since the day we were married. We have never used contraception, and there are several reasons why. The main reason has to do with our Catholic faith, but below I've listed 10 other reasons why we use NFP.

1174548 439922979442014 674460253 n1. NFP is good for the environment.

There seems to be mixed information out there about contraception polluting the water supply. According to this article, though, there appears to be a €30 billion bill proposed to clean up the water supply in England since it has been contaminated by synthetic hormones from contraceptive pills. By using NFP, I'm not urinating synthetic hormones into the water supply. Also, no pill packet or condom or ring or sponge means no waste going to the landfills.

2. NFP is good for my body.

Many women who buy organic food, hormone-free chicken, and hormone-free milk are recognizing that a natural method of family planning is more congruent with their lifestyle. NFP works with my body, not against it. I never suppress or shut down my reproductive system in order to avoid pregnancy and then expect it to start back up again when I want to achieve pregnancy.

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