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You are about to start the individual application process for SymptoPro Instructor training, which includes payment. Your payment options will be: credit card, invoice sponsor, invoice me, or pay by mail. Before starting to fill in this form, you should be prepared with your payment options.  If you have a time constraint and are interested in beginning instruction as soon as possible, we recommend on-line payment. If you are being sponsored by an agency or diocese, you should expect a longer turn around. An invoice will be generated within 5 business days, however materials will only be sent once the sponsoring agency sends payment and it is received. Please have contact information available for invoicing. Also take note of the required files needed below: letter of reference, and a picture.

A detailed description of instructor training requirements can be found here.

SymptoPro™ NFP Education Program Principles:

  1. The family is the fundamental unit of society and is based on the loving, generous, and stable relationship of the husband and wife, with an openness to life and respect for the sanctity of life from conception onward, at all times. NFP education is part of the dialogue by which responsible parenthood is achieved in harmony with the nature of the family and the family's purpose. This is compatible with the meaning of the family before God as understood by most faith-based organizations.
  2. Each couple, though unique, is presumed capable of integrating the many facets of human sexuality, particularly fertility awareness, periodic abstinence, and mutual acceptance of responsibility for procreation.
  3. A couple has the right to full NFP instruction and follow-up in accordance with program policy, and confidence from the NFP Instructor in their ability to learn and successfully use NFP.
  4. The instructor, whose role is to inform and encourage couples in their decision to practice NFP, will therefore work to convey personal and spiritual values inherent in NFP, as well as facts of fertility awareness, and will never recommend, or refer for, contraception, sterilization, or abortion.
  5. Natural Family Planning (NFP) is defined as meaning uniting to achieve, or abstaining to avoid, pregnancy, during the method-defined fertile time as discerned by the couple themselves.

Agency Support, e.g., church, hospital, diocese, clinic.

This is required for acceptance to the SymptoPro™ Instructor education program with Northwest Family Services.

  1. Attached on agency letterhead is a personal recommendation of the applicant(s).
  2. The applicant will be allowed to use the agency name as a sponsor in publicity.
  3. The applicant will be allowed to function in accord with the program principles (#5 above) to which the applicant has subscribed.
  4. This agency will provide the following financial or other support, e.g., equipment, tuition, facility for teaching.

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