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Guest Post: The SPIRITUAL Partnership of Natural Family Planning

This post is part three of a three part series on the Physical, Emotional, and Spritual partnerships of NFP. Parts one and two can be found here: PART ONE & PART TWO

As a hopeless animal lover, I was never a mom who adopted dogs “for the kids;” no, they were as much for me as for anyone, and we are all still feeling the loss of our two beloved beagles.  Reflecting on that loss, I was brought back to God referring to Adam as “alone” even though he was surrounded by the animals in Genesis.  I thought that no matter how much we delighted in lavishing affection on our dogs and being immobilized with laughter from their antics, that we were made for something more.  The food, fresh air, and affection that completely satisfied our beloved beagles will never be enough for us.  We’re not just physical and emotional beings, but are also spiritual beings given free will to seek that “something more” rather than being driven by instincts alone.  What we always seek, in a word, is Love.

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The Downside of Using Predictive Apps for Cycle Tracking

Cycle tracking apps have become very popular, and it is easy to see why. Many women love being able to customize what data lines and health metrics are included in their charts as well as the convenience of being able to update their charts throughout the day, even when they are not at home. Plus, there are countless options when it comes to what apps to use. However, some apps feature predictive algorithm technology, and it is important to understand the reasons to avoid these types of apps.

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