Sofiya Ostap


About the Instructor

Hi ,
My name is Sofiya and I am from Ukraine,
Natural family planning has been a way of life and not just family planning method for me over the past 16 years of our marriage.
God blessed us with 3 children: 2 girls and a boy.

I decided to become an instructor to make this method more known, to assist and inspire couples who want to live and love in harmony with their body and their Creator.
Our fertility and sex hormones are as important as any other system of our body and good balance in that area is good for our whole body.
I'm amazed by the intricate way how our body works.
Practicing NFP is decoding our body and signs it gives about our fertility status.
NFP is a science, as it is based upon decades of scientific research, but it is also a faith, as it respects, accepts, and appreciates fertility as a gift from God.
The cyclical nature of women's fertility gives couples the perfect opportunity to plan their family by observing, charting, and figuring out fertile time,
abstaining during that time if wishing to avoid pregnancy or using that time to have the highest chances to conceive.
Practicing NFP requires mutual agreement, cooperation and communication.
I'd be happy to assist you in learning more about your fertility and help you through different stages and transitions.

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