Alice Romijn


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Hi there! I'm Alice and I am here to help you make sense of your cycles and prevent or achieve pregnancy naturally. I grew up in the Netherlands and came to Australia when I was 21. I'm late 20s now and enjoying life with my husband and our cat. We also regularly welcome foster cats and kittens into our home.

I first learned about fertility awareness when I was about 20 after I was put on hormonal birth control to combat PMS. It didn't work. I gave up after 2 months because not only had I had some constant PMS symptoms, I also did not feel right taking medicine every day to turn off a vital body function just to avoid discomfort. I still have terrible PMS at times but working with a naturopath and practicing fertility awareness so that I know when to expect PMS help a lot!

After this brief experience on the pill I knew that I wanted a better option once I was looking for birth control. I was uncomfortable with any foreign devices inserted in my body and did not want to accept any of the side effects of other traditional methods, so when I heard about fertility awareness I just knew that this was for me and I learned as much about it as I could. Over the years I have learned several methods of fertility awareness, but Symptopro landed on top. Do you want to see how the method can work in your life? Work with me and find out!

Location: Melbourne VIC (3138)
Teaching in person and online
Instagram: @cyclicalfertility

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