About Us

No longer “guess work,” SymptoPro™ Fertility Education is an effective, scientifically based method, that treats fertility as a normal, healthy process. SymptoPro™ is a Sympto-Thermal Method of fertility charting, based on changes in a woman’s cervical mucus, waking or resting temperature, and cervix. These observable signs change in response to the hormones of the menstrual cycle. It only takes seconds a day for a woman to track her fertility; then the couple interprets the chart and makes a decision based on their family planning intentions. SymptoPro™ works through periodic abstinence during the method-defined fertile time for couples who are avoiding a pregnancy. SymptoPro™ can be used effectively throughout a woman’s entire reproductive life. Regular cycles are NOT required. SymptoPro™ is NOT Calendar Rhythm.

Our particular strengths lie in the highly personal support that each couple receives when they take instruction from us. Whether they take an in-person or online class, each couple is paired with a certified instructor to answer any questions, check their understanding, and review their personal charting. Our instructors are equipped to handle any special circumstance, including postpartum, approaching menopause, or the discontinuing of hormonal birth control. We teach detailed, objective markers that are both easy to chart and come with highly effective guidelines. To learn more about how to sign up for a class and what the process is like, click on the “Learn” tab.


  • Low cost
  • No harmful side effects
  • Highly effective for avoiding or achieving a pregnancy
  • Marriage enrichment and mutual understanding
  • Morally acceptable by all religious faiths
  • Self understanding
  • Appreciation of fertility and children
  • Fosters respect for and acceptance of the total person

History of our Method

SymptoPro Fertility Education is a program of Northwest Family Services (NWFS). NWFS was incorporated in Portland, Oregon (1983). Mike and Rose Fuller, in collaboration with Msgr. Richard Huneger, began researching the methods being developed for NFP. They began a collaboration with Dr. Josef Roetzer of Austria, who published the findings from his first research on the Sympto-Thermal Method. Based on his research and consent, they developed a program of instruction and began teaching classes locally in 1977. By 1980, their instructional approach had been reviewed and approved. Today Northwest Family Services continues to focus on family stability and child well-being through an array of services including professional counseling, parenting and couple’s classes, money management classes, job readiness and placement, youth programs, health navigation services, drug and alcohol treatment, and marriage preparation. Their main site can be found here.


In 2012, to reflect the growth and scope of our fertility education program, we saw a need to create a distinctive brand: SymptoPro Fertility Education. We pride ourselves in continuing to offer quality fertility education based on solid research, and we are excited to be developing new technologies and services that will equip couples to use our method with greater ease and confidence.